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I’m Lisa Maniatis, the founder of The Yoga Being and for the past fifteen years I’ve been deep diving into the World of yoga. I have spent time in an Ashram, qualifying as a 500 hour teacher in 4 countries with 4 different yoga schools, and upskilling to become a qualified yoga therapist through Swara Yoga. Alongside this I also trained with Animas to become a Life Coach and have been working in this capacity alongside my yoga business for 10 years now.

My life hasn’t been as easy and breezy as I may look in this photo, but I can most certainly say that I’ve been gifted with some of the most challenging but incredible experiences that have fuelled me to try and make this World a better place, person by person, class by class.  

I’m a mother, wife, carer, business owner, and a deeply passionate Human Being who wants to help other Human Beings to achieve their greatest potential, regardless of what life throws at them.  

I currently offer weekly Yoga Classes, Retreats, 1:1 Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Mindset & Well-being Coaching sessions. 

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and as a guest speaker on Podcasts.