What a start to 2022….

I am truly grateful every time I get to teach and coach you. What excites me more than anything is  that so many of you are putting yourself first. It honestly means the absolute world to me to be  sharing space with you all.

This month it has been a particularly busy one, especially with 1-2-1 yoga sessions. Which has prompted me to share with you how they work and why they can be so transformational.

They are often booked as a course of 3, with the option of having a personal bespoke practise recorded. Together we look at lifestyle, nutritional habits and physical limitations. I use the Elemental Yoga Therapy to create a physical (asana) breathing exercise (pranayama) and meditation to support you to find optimum health.

This is what the lovely Jo had to say about them -

 ‘’My initial  purpose for the sessions was to make sure that my alignment and positioning was correct so that I could confidently practice at home. I had no idea that I would gain so much more out of them.  It's hard to explain, but so many parts of my life feel lighter and brighter I feel that I can now navigate my way through life's ups and downs in a more positive way.

Thank you Lisa, for being right at the beginning of my yoga journey.  I don't think I've ever spent my money (on myself!) more wisely."

So if you would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch


Remember if you are serious about changing your life, you’ll find away.

Perhaps getting on the mat is not what you need right now and some coaching sessions might be more aligned to your needs at present.

Just take a moment and really picture the life you have always wanted to live, the person you want to be.

Does this picture resemble the life you are actually living?

Maybe you are not quite there yet? Perhaps one or more of the following is holding you back in some way?

Your goals seem unattainable?

Maybe your habits seem too difficult  to change

You are fearful of change

Or struggling  to find a purpose

Perhaps you are not feeling aligned to your values?

If any of these resonate with you, why not explore experiencing the power of Transformational Life Coaching.


To book a free non-obligational call by visiting www.lisamaniatis.com


If you want to evolve, you have to take ownership of your own life.

Yes, manifesting requires action and as @vexking say’s

Pray, then perform.

Believe, then achieve.

Think, then do it.

We sometimes need some external support to guide us back to ourselves where all the answers we are seeking we can find from within.

I am away on holiday until the 28th February, but welcome you all back for the Spring term where you will find me on the mat on the following days.



Monday – Pregnancy Yoga 6-7pm

Yoga Flow 7.30-8.30pm


Tuesday – 1-2-1 Coaching

Thursday – Morning Yoga Flow 9.30-10.30 am

Mummy and Baby 11-12pm

1-2-1 Coaching /Yoga

Pregnancy yoga course commences 28th February

Mummy and Baby yoga 3rd March


Sending you all much love and good vibes until the next time


Lisa Maniatis

 "Being in union with the energy of the Universe is like an awesome dance where you trust your partner so much that you just surrender to the beat of the music." ― Gabrielle Bernstein

'’Change the narrative to one that serves your purpose ‘’