Wow so here we are, 2022!

Happy New Year

I am aware the festive period is a mix of all sorts. For some it’s the best time of the year, for others it can be lonely, stressful, or perhaps a mix of it all. I see it as a great reminder that nothing is good or bad, right or wrong - it really is just energy. How we use it, is our choice and how we respond to life’s challenges is all down to us.

Perception of any situation is altered and changed by where we are in the moment. That’s my biggest lesson from 2022. It doesn’t matter how chaotic my external world is if I am calm and present within, I can handle it. Not easy and by no means have I mastered it, but the more challenges that I am given, the more I am learning to seek silence from the noise and chaos.

I am aware that you are being bombarded with lots of suggestions and options for wellness. I really don’t want to overload you. Far from it. I just want you to be aware of some possibilities that might be of benefit to you this year.

My coaching sessions are starting back from the 10th of January and I thought this would be a good opportunity to share a little more detail about them.

These sessions can give you an opportunity to explore any blocks which you may have, whether personal or professional. They could be to support you living a healthier life or building a better relationship with yourself or others. Or simply something that looks different to the year before.

I know for many of my clients, confidence has been a huge stumbling block to make changes. It’s sometimes about having the confidence to take that leap of faith, take those first steps to make it happen and that’s where these sessions could be of great benefit. I am not a big believer in radical change, I truly believe we already possess everything we need within us. We sometimes just need some tools to be able to access what we need.

I offer these sessions in a safe space either virtually or in person to explore whatever it is that you want. There is no judgment, it’s a calm environment for you to seek some answers, that you already know. The sessions will provide an opportunity for clarity, supporting you to take the appropriate steps forward to create a life that feels enriched and aligned to the life you want to be living. The last two years has taught us that life is precious and why waste another second not living it in the way you want to.

As most of you know I am keen to support those who are caring for loved ones who need extra support. I have been supporting my own family throughout my life and its tough to put yourself first when you are in the thick of it all. However, it is vital. If you or anyone you know is caring for someone, please let’s connect. My commitment to support carers is still very much at the forefront of my mind. Be that coaching/yoga or starting a new separate yoga/wellness class for carers.

I didn’t manage to get the wellness classes in the care homes up and running in the end due to limited access into care homes. Yet this month I embark on some more training with the Charity SIBS. I will be trained as an adult group supervisor for siblings who have a disabled brother/sister (in my case I am blessed with both). Also in August I will be attending the Hayhouse Writers Workshop in Edinburgh to support me in my ambition of writing a book on the subject which I feel could help so many.

Yoga is starting up this week, kicking off with a new class at the Alverstoke Tennis Club at 9.30am. Also the 6-week Mummy/Baby and Pregnancy course will be commencing.

If you are finding it difficult to find time to attend any of classes above, there is always another option. This last year I have found myself offering virtual classes to small business and large corporate events - they have been a huge hit. So perhaps this is an option for your workplace? This can be a standard yoga class, chair yoga or mindfulness session. If you want any more information just let me know.

‘’When you claim a new vision for your life that’s based on a feeling, rather than an outcome, the outcome will reflect the feeling’’ Gabby Bernstein

I hope today you can find some time to reflect on what you would like 2022 to be for you, based on a feeling rather than the outcome and trust that step by step you that you will match the vibes you are putting out. If anything I am offering resonates and feels like it could help facilitate you matching the vibes, then please let's connect.



'’Change the narrative to one that serves your purpose ‘’