Shifting with the Seasons

It has been an eventful month my end, lots of change and adapting moving into the autumn. For those of you following me on social media you would have seen the photoshoot for my new website with my little sis. It was super fun, and it was no doubt evident from the photos that we loved being models for the day! My past self would have cringed at the idea of such a thing and just shows me how yoga really supported me to be more comfortable in my own skin and open to trying new things.

I was also honoured to be invited to be a guest speaker at a Disability Union event a few weeks ago. It felt amazing to be involved with a community that genuinely want to make the world a more accessible place to live.

Another exciting opportunity presented itself this week in the form of a complimentary ticket to the Hay House Writers Workshop next year. I’m looking forward to taking part!

It really is starting to feel like those promises to support carers and people with disability through yoga and coaching are now coming to fruition.

You will notice a new look and branding seeping its way in over the next few weeks too. So, keep a little lookout and tell me what you think. All feedback is welcome!

The timetable is pretty much staying as it is for this month

Monday – Pregnancy Yoga 6-7pm (Gosport)

Yoga Flow 7.30-8.30pm

Tuesday – 1-2-1 Coaching

Thursday – Morning Yoga Flow 9.30-10.30 (Fareham)

1-2-1 Coaching /Yoga

Pregnancy yoga course commences 18th October

Mummy and Baby yoga 4th November 11-12am (Fareham)

‘’Hold the vision, trust the process’’