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Spring News

Feeling a spring in my step on this gorgeous day, I feel the shift of lightness and optimism in the air. A spring clean both in our minds and our surroundings is essential this time of year to make way for all our ideas/dreams to come bursting into fruition.

What's new at the studio?

• Last month we welcomed our resident cover teacher Dale Geer, who has brought some male energy and his fabulous teachings in times of need. He will be covering holidays throughout the year.

• The lovely Nina welcomed her beautiful baby girl, Pamela into the world. In true warrior style, she had her safely at home and has returned back on the mat after a 6 week maternity break. She will be offering her Monday day class at a slightly earlier time from 11-12pm

• We have experienced our first Kirtan, which was simply beautiful and so uplifting. Bhakti Heart Yoga came and shared their beautiful voices on a Saturday night with a room full of students joining in with the healing mantra. Elaine and Jimmi, will be back in a regular basis, so keep a look out for their next visit.

• Lisa Donanchie has now taken over the Wednesday evening class and there has been nothing but fabulous feedback as she builds her own following.

• Renata is going to be offering Gong Baths sessions throughout this coming year. The first one will be Sunday 5th May from 6pm-7pm. This ancient healing practise aids us to quieten the chattering mind and can support us to go into a deep meditative state. For one hour, you just need to make yourself comfortable and lie back to absorb the healing vibrations. Payment of £15 to be paid on the day is the small investment. Booking in advance is required.

•We are now taking bookings for next terms Mummy and Baby yoga.

Investment £33 Course dates:

Tuesday 23rd April 10-11am Wednesday 24th 11-12pm.

• Next month Denise Fergusen who is a highly evolved yoga teacher/physiotherapist/Pilates teacher will be offering an Ashtanga Workshop. This is already full, but will endeavour to put on another one this year.

• I personally completed my Children's Yoga training this year and absolutely loved it. I feel extremely passionate about sharing this incredible practise to children from the age of 3 upwards. Children yoga classes will be coming soon.

• Lastly the 6 week Pregnancy Yoga course is blending with EveryBreath to provide classes on yoga, hypnobirthing, mindful breathing, and pregnancy education to give you a comprehensive antenatal experience.

The next course commences on Thursday 25th April from 6-7pm.

Investment £60. Booking in advance is also required.

Lifestyle suggestions for springtime

Spring is an interesting time to explain when we refer back to Ayurveda. Although we may feel a little lighter and optimistic, this season is still associated with the Dosha called Kapha. Kaphas elements are water and earth which means we can still feel a little sluggish to start off with, as we start to clear the excess from the winter months.

There is something so sweet and gentle about the springtime. Things seem to move slowly and there is a softness in the air. The softness is an attribute of the water element whereas the slowness is an attribute of the earth element. Both earth and water encourage us to slow down in a healthy way; yet, these elements can also cause us to become imbalanced in kapha dosha. When water and earth combine, they encourage living matter to grow and new life is born; however, if there is too much water and earth, one can literally and figuratively get stuck in the mud. Kapha dosha is aggravated by qualities that are heavy, moist and cold; therefore, an important factor in not aggravating kapha dosha in the spring is to invite in light, warm, dry qualities through food, activities and self-care rituals.

Common Kapha imbalances

1. Dullness & lethargy in the mind
2. Sluggish digestion
3. Excess mucous & congestion
4. Nausea
5. Oily skin
6. Swelling
7. Cold & clammy skin
8. Feeling stuck in a rut
9. Attachment issues

Suggested Yoga Practise

Focus on flow sequences with rapid movement.
When you step onto your yoga mat, if you feel like a stiff bear coming out of winter hibernation, it might be time to incorporate a strong vinyasa flow practice into your yoga ritual. Moving rapidly through sun salutations, taking one breathe per movement, will help relieve stagnation in the body and mind. Focus on postures that expand and open the chest like fish pose, camel pose and full wheel pose. These postures will help relieve any congestion in the respiratory system and help stifled emotions get unstuck.


Our digestive fire (agni) is highest during the winter months, so our metabolism starts to slow down a little in spring. There is a shedding from the winter’s elements, so we can begin to eat lighter. That doesn’t mean we must eat salads and cold foods. We are actually gently encouraged to eat sautéed vegetables, drink fluids at room temperature and stay away from heavy nuts, dairy, salty, sour and sweet foods. The comfort food we may have chosen over the winter month’s will now only leave us feeling heavy and lethargic. Cleansing this time of year is also favoured and will leave you feeling lighter, clearer and energised. If you choose to cleanse, it’s best to look for a cleanse that supports the liver and gallbladder.

Perhaps startyour day with a light breakfast of fresh fruit or tea. Lunches and dinners of light, cooked grains, steamed vegetables, and legumes are often perfect choices. Many also benefit from eating lots of bitter greens, cabbage family vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) Pungent, astringent and bitter in taste is all beneficial this time of year.

I often share my basic knowledge of Ayurvedic teachings in class. It’s the Eastern approach to health and wellbeing, by using lifestyle and diet to prevent/heal ailments that we experience. There is a brilliant book called In Your Elements – Monica Bloom which I highly recommend. This book explains clearly how to take care of your own wellbeing, using the ancient wisdom for modern day life.

This leads me to the end of our news this time. As you all know that I am always full to the brim with gratitude for your constant support. The Yoga Being community is constantly growing and evolving. My intention is still to continue to provide a safe, calming environment that welcomes everyone. I promise to provide a full timetable with a variety of classes, workshops and events to support us all to flourish and be the best version of ourselves.
Until next time, much love and light

Lisa Hickingbotham