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Autumn Yoga at ‘The Yoga Being’
The candles are lit and the heating is on, making the studio cosy, and inviting you to slow down and be nurtured at The Yoga Being. I would like to share how to support yourself during autumn to encourage optimum health and wellbeing, hopefully the information to follow will be of a huge benefit to you all.

Autumn is the season for gathering and consolidating energy, nature is slowing down after a vibrant summer in preparation for the winter's rest and our bodies have the tendency to do the same. Just as the leaves begin to turn colour, nature's energy slows our bodies need to wind down in preparation for the long months ahead. There was a rather quick shift for us this year into autumn and we need to work with that.

There are many ways to stay in balance and experience optimum health - by being mindful with our asana practise, the food we eat and making our home environment supportive.

On the mat – slowing everything down. Gentle flows and keeping pranayama (breath work) simple. Yoga Nidra and attending Gong Baths are a perfect way to encourage rest and preparation for the winter. We will be offering both this season at the studio, more information will follow shortly.

A very simple flow is moving from Child's Pose to Upward Facing Dog, to Downward Facing Dog back to Upward Facing, back to Child's Pose. In this version, your feet and hands remain in the same position and you try to keep the arms straight in the transitions (with soft elbows) - Think of your spine moving as if it were a wave, fluidly transitioning from posture to posture.

In the home it’s a perfect time to de-clutter, which as many of us know, help with feeling less cluttered in the mind, aromatherapy oils are a wonderful aid for creating a calm and safe space too. There are plenty of choices but in autumn our focus lies with the lungs, so I like to introduce Eucalyptus and Tea Tree - Eucalyptus oil can help decongest and relive any seasonal sinus problems whilst Tea Tree is a fantastic anti-fungal and anti-viral – I’m personally a huge fan of ‘Neals Yard’ products. They have a wide selection of aromatherapy oils and amazing skin products and gifts - Follow this link for more information

When it comes to food, it’s ultimately making the shift from eating cold salad and fruit, to warming foods, including breakfasts and seasonal vegetables. Porridge doesn’t need to stay traditional, you can change it up! Try quinoa and wild rice porridge made with almond or coconut milk. Sprinkling a little cinnamon on top will helps support the digestive system and fight bacterial and fungal infections due to a high concentrate of antioxidants. Many people will suffer with joint pain as the temperature drops, use cinnamon with it’s anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce pain.

Another little tip is reducing your intake of dairy. Dairy products can create a lot of mucus and being the time of year where there are lots of bugs about, we need all the help we can to prevent us from getting unwell.
It’s really all about ‘simplifying’ Making sure you nourishing your body with yummy warm seasonal veggies, nurture your soul by slowing down and decluttering your home, giving you plenty of space to consolidate and gather yourself for the winter months ahead.

What’s new at the studio?

We are now offering regular Yoga Nidra classes - I know many will be wondering what is Yoga Nidra? Well it’s sometimes known as ‘yogic sleep’ or the ‘sleep of the yogi’ In this fast-past world, it’s not surprising this lesser form of yogic practice is quickly growing in popularity. Yoga Nidra is essentially the practice of the deepest relaxation you can experience between waking and sleeping. It is a form of guided meditation practice carried out lying down in shavasana, warm and comfortable under blankets to facilitate complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

A perfect addition to your yoga practice, but equally no previous experience of yoga is necessary.

Classes are at 11:00 – 12noon on Saturdays
2nd 9th 16th 23rd November
7th 14th December

Allison will also be offering 6 Week Rest Programme for Women - Daring to Rest
This programme is ideal if you are committed to your wellbeing and want to deepen your Yoga Nidra practice to heal exhaustion on all levels.

Divided into three phases
Rest – (Physical exhaustion) As you learn the basics of yoga nidra, you align with your true desires, feel grounded, relaxed, and safe in your body, and call your scattered energy back.
Release – (Mental and emotional exhaustion) As your practice deepens, your mind releases old habits (Samskaras) of worry and negative chatter, the voice of your inner wisdom is amplified, and you sink into a blissful trust that everything is okay.
Rise – (Life purpose exhaustion) Integrating the practice of rest in your daily life leads you to greater love and approval of yourself, a restoration of your wholeness, and a lifestyle that truly supports your biggest dreams.

This programme goes above and beyond the physical practice of Yoga Nidra.

We take a deep dive into intention setting, empowerment tools, somatic wisdom, additional breathing techniques, journaling, creating your own rest nest for long term practice.

Expect essential oils and crystals, nurturing, rest and sweet treats.

Commencing 10.00 – 11.30 Tuesday 7th January – 11th February
Investment £120 deposit required
Discounted to £90 for anyone who attends Saturday drop in classes

Gong Bath - If you have not experienced this yet, then do not worry, Renata’s next incredible sound healing session will be Sunday 24th November from 6-7pm. They have been so extremely popular advance booking is required.

Pregnancy Yoga course commences on the 21st November 2019
Mummy and Baby on the 27th November 2019

Sankapla Workshop Saturday 18th January 2020 11.00 – 13:00 - more information on this wonderful opportunity coming soon.

As always the wonderful teachers at The Yoga Being are still offering their fabulous classes throughout the week, but we would love some feedback! We are keen to know how we could improve? What would you like to see offered at the studio? Is there any suggestions on how to improve the studio itself? Workshops, advertising etc - All suggestions are warmly welcomed.
That brings me once again to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and commitment, I appreciate it more than you know and I wish you all a gentle rest of the year.

Much love
Lisa Hickingbotham