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Winter News and Workshops

Happy New Year everyone, I hope the festive season has been a magical one for you. I’m aware that this time of year is filled with a mix of emotions, but I truly wish you a bright and healthy 2018.

I wanted to firstly take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and attending classes last year, without you we would not be able to offer yoga in the community and share this wonderful practise. I know there are many of you who already have the “yoga bug” but if this finds you in a place where you’ve not yet made it to a class, then why not make 2018 the year to find out what it’s all about? This is also a good time to remind you to book your classes in advance, the start of the year has been incredibly exciting with many new students starting yoga for the first time and courses and workshops are filling quickly. The studio is compact, but wonderfully cosy and therefore mat space is limited, however I will always endeavour to reach your needs and will add classes accordingly, I promise.

So what’s new?

Some of you would have already met the fabulous Maxine, she is the newest member of the ‘Yoga Being’ team and offers a beginners yoga class every Wednesday from 7.15-8.30pm. She also provides incredible holistic treatments on a Wednesday afternoon/evening - to book please visit her website on With the arrival of Max, you may have also noticed a few changes in the back room, this is now a workable treatment room and a relaxing space to chill and enjoy one of your favourite brews.
Claire is healing really well and is now back offering 2 classes each week and sharing her wisdom and insightful teachings in Sivananada yoga on a Thursday and Saturday mornings.
Nina has been a wonderful support to me this year - Not only are her classes extremely popular, she has covered my classes with the grace and enthusiasm that is reflected in her teaching abilities.

I can’t thank all the teachers enough for what they bring to the local community and for all their support with helping maintain a beautiful and calm space.

Upcoming Events

There has been a rescheduling of the ‘Bliss Out’ workshop with Sam B Yoga and Tanya’s Holistic Wellbeing - Prepare for transformational healing on this Yoga and Reiki day retreat - Including Chakra balancing, restorative yoga, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation and a nutritional lunch.
Date 28th January 10-3pm
Cost £45
To book please call Sam on 07830186098 -
I do believe this is almost full, so please inquire if there is still space.

Tarot Workshop with Ruby Tarot
Looking at the Major Arcana cards and learning their technical meaning, what each card is saying to you and discover how the cards link together to create a story.
This is an interactive workshop which will give you the chance to practise with each other.
A light buffet lunch, afternoon tea and drinks are provided.
Date 27th January from 9.30-4.00pm
Cost £49.95 (Add code 50major for a 50% discount)
Cost including Thoth Tarot Cards £69.95

Self-Care Rules Workshop with Friedel Fink
Women’s health yoga, meditation and female cycle knowledge.
Learn how to address challenges in the body, mind and emotions that present themselves for us women in all stages of life: be it during painful periods, pregnancy, labour, a stressful life experience or in daily decision making.
Date 3rd February 14.00-17.30pm
Cost £45

Water Winter Wellness with myself and Allison Marlowe
Come and join us for one of four season gatherings in 2018.Through the exploration of meditation, yoga and reflection in our safe and nurturing space, we will discover how to slow down and listen to the needs of our minds and bodies by attuning ourselves to the natural rhythm of the seasons.
Date 25th February 11.00-15.00pm
Cost £40
Future dates to be confirmed:
22nd April
8th July
28th October
To book please email or call 07881942282

The Elixir with Katy Appleton (online)

Another fantastic opportunity to share with you all is a brilliant online yoga and meditation course called “The Elixir” starting on the 1st February. It’s created by my yoga teacher, mentor Katy Appleton, who also trained me to teach. It will be an incredible way to start 2018 by creating a simple, quick and highly effective daily home-practice – so much so that I’m doing it as well! Katy would like to offer you 10% off any non-VIP course price, so do take a look using this link and if you’re interested just use this coupon code at checkout (feel free to share it on): elixirlisa

• The Elixir is an online course set over 60 days.
• Its purpose is to reset and create new neural pathways in the brain, meaning a new habit that then becomes a daily non-negotiable way of life. It’s proven that a new habit needs to be applied daily for between 2 weeks (for some) to 2 months for true change to occur.
• You will receive daily a 6-30-minute video or audio file to do, including some profoundly simple yet highly effective meditation & relaxation techniques, mantra and interesting sound practices and quick yoga flows to shift and adjust your energy. Plus, an introduction to Ayurveda, with nutritional tips and incredible live coaching from some of the highly skilled guest teachers!
• There is a private online community to support your questions whilst you move through the days.
• The difference with this course is that everyone will all start together on the 1st Feb 2018, however there are integration days included within the 60 days, so there is plenty of space around the video & audio content.
The ripple effect from doing a short daily practice in service of our own lives is huge, this will then flow off the mat and out into the world, creating upshifts in relationships in all areas of life.

For those who attend my classes you will already know that a dear friend of mine needed a lot of support last year when her youngest son Ralphie was diagnosed with Leukaemia a few weeks before his 3rd birthday. I ran the Gosport Half Marathon to raise money for his family to support them through this difficult time and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated, we raised £300. I will be setting up more charity events this year to help support those close to me who would benefit from our help, any suggestions on original ways to raise funds would be most welcome.

I am truly excited to see what 2018 brings and I fully intend to provide you with many more insightful classes, workshops and courses to support you all.

Much love
Lisa Hickingbotham